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Article 1 – Description of the Google Pay Service

1.1 Google Pay is a Service ("Service") provided by Google LLC ("Google") that allows users of the Service ("User") to perform contactless payment transactions with any of the Android devices listed in Article 4 below, using Gift Cards issued by Giftify S.A. or the Shopping Centre in collaboration with its technical partner Giftify S.A. (hereinafter referred to as the Gift Card), without having to physically present them.

Article 2 – Terms and Conditions of Use applicable to the use of a Gift Card with Google Pay (GT&Cs)

2.1 The use of Google Pay for a Gift Card constitutes acceptance of these GT&Cs for the Gift Card  –  Google Pay (hereinafter referred to as  "GT&Cs"). Please refer to for the Terms and Conditions of Use of the Gift Card. The User may also need to accept the Google Pay Terms and Conditions.

2.2 In the event of dispute among the Terms and Conditions of Use of the Gift Card and these GT&Cs, these GT&Cs shall prevail.

2.3 The User may remove their digital Gift Card at any time from Google wallet with their Android devices.

2.4 The User can provision their digital Gift Card from Giftify App to Google wallet multiple times, provided that:

2.4.1 Google wallet card limit is not reached;

2.4.2 The digital Gift Card has not been removed from the Giftify App by uninstalling the app;

2.4.3 The digital Gift Card has not expired;

2.4.4 The digital Gift Card has not been blocked;

2.4.5 The Terms and Conditions of Use of the Gift Card remain applicable.

2.5 The Shopping Centre and/or its technical partner reserve the right to modify these GT&Cs at any time.

2.6 For any request for information regarding the use of Google Pay with the digital Gift Card, the User may contact the Gift Cards corresponding shopping centre.

2.7 For any request for information concerning Google Pay, or Google Pay Terms and Conditions of Use, the User must contact Google directly on

2.7. For any issue concerning the use of Giftify App, the User can:

2.7.1 either refer to the frequently asked questions section on ; and/or

2.7.2 send Giftify an email ( specifying the issue and providing the token numbers of the Gift Cards (physical and/or digital).

2.7.3 The Giftify support team request for additional information regarding the Gift Card token and PAN numbers and/or any proof of purchase such as the receipt.

Article 3 – Commitments of the User

3.1 The User expressly agrees to use the Gift Card only for its own purposes. The use of the Gift Card by any third party is strictly prohibited.

3.2 The User expressly undertakes to comply with the provisions of these GT&Cs as well as the Google terms applicable to Google Pay, available at  (these terms are maintained by Google and the Shopping Centre is not responsible for their content).

3.3 The User is strongly recommended to stay informed of any updates to these GT&Cs and the Google Pay terms of use.

Article 4 – Use of the Giftify App with Google Pay

4.1 The User acknowledges that:

4.1.1 contactless payments are only permitted in the Shopping Centre, at the Merchants who is participating in the Shopping Centre Gift Card Programme operated by Giftify;

4.1.2 no online purchases can be made;

4.1.3 no transaction on unattended POS Terminals can be made;

4.1.4 no ATM withdrawal can be performed.

4.2 To make contactless payments with the digital Gift Card, the User is to

4.2.1 have at the same time: a valid (balance available and not expired and not blocked) physical Gift Card; an Android device with NFC technology; have downloaded the Giftify App from Play Store.

4.2.2 select, in the Giftify App, one of the below two options: scan the QR code printed on the back of the physical Gift Card and enter the last 4 PAN[1] digits, or manually add card by informing the 9-digit access TOKEN and the 4 last PAN digits that are on the back of the physical Gift Card.

4.2.3 For both options, the User needs to accept the message appearing on the screen of their Android device; and to click on the button "create digital card"; to agree to these Terms and Conditions of Use of Gift Cards with Giftify App and Google Pay.

4.2.4 Once the digital Gift Card has been  created, the User can click on the button "add to Google Wallet,"  and follow the provisioning steps.

4.3 If the User wants to obtain more information  regarding  the above described process, the User can contact the Shopping Centre through their support channel.

4.4 To make an in-store payment, the User needs to have an Android device enabling NFC technology and must:

4.4.1 with an Android smartphone: unlock their phone, connect to the payment reader and follow the instructions on their screen in case a PIN or a signature is required.

4.4.2 with an Android smartwatch: open the Google Pay app, hold their watch over the contactless payment reader until hearing a sound or feeling a vibration from their watch. If asked, select Credit regardless of the type of card. For debit card transactions, they may have to enter a PIN. They should use the PIN set up with their bank.

4.5 The User is informed that the use of the Giftify App with Google Pay:

4.5.1 is free of charge;

4.5.2 requires an active mobile subscription and an internet connection, both being at their own expense.

4.6 The User may, at any time, stop using Giftify App with Google Pay.

4.6.1 To stop using Giftify App with Google Pay, the User must: delete the digital Gift Cards added on Google Wallet directly from the Giftify app, and uninstall the Giftify App.

4.6.2 The User is aware that these actions will result in the loss of all digital Gift Cards.

4.6.3 The User is responsible for these actions.

4.6.4 The User can only retrieve the remaining balance from their deleted, but still active, digital Gift Cards by contacting the Shopping Centre associated with each Gift Card and providing proof of purchase of the physical Card, which was used to generate digital Gift Card on the Giftify App.

4.6.5 The Shopping Centre will transfer the remaining funds at the time of the inquiry to a new physical card.

4.6.6 Fees may apply for each new physical Gift Card (as provided for with the Terms and Conditions of Use of the Gift Card).

4.7 The Shopping Centre and/or its technical partner reserves the right to terminate the use of the Service at any time. In the event of ending the Service, it is expressly agreed that the Terms and Conditions of Use of the Gift Card continue to govern the use of the Gift Card.

Article 5 – Security

5.1 The security rules applicable to the use of the Gift Card are as follows:

(i) always keep the phone/ device/ equipment under surveillance;

(ii) always use an adequate and sufficient level of security (e.g. password, biometrics, etc.);

(iii) always use Google Pay Service in accordance with its updated terms of use;

5.2 The User is expressly informed that in the event of suspension/blocking of the Gift Card under the conditions set out in this GT&Cs, the Service will no longer be available without the Shopping Centre’s and/or its technical partner’s or Google’s action. The User must contact the shopping centre for support if their card is blocked and provide proof of purchase to unblock it.

5.3 In case of fraudulent use of their Gift Card or loss, the User must:

(i) follow the process set out under Security Precautions of the Terms and Conditions of Use of the Gift Card.

(ii) remove their Gift Card from Google Pay.

5.4 In the event of the loss or theft of their Android device, the User must visit Google support and then use the "Locate my Android device" functionality to suspend or block payment via Google Pay from this device. In addition, the user can contact the Shopping Centre issuer of the Gift Card and request the Gift Card to be blocked as well.

Article 6 – Data Processing

Neither the Shopping Centre nor its technical partner processes personal data of the User.

Article 7 – Liability / Limits of Liability

7.1 The Shopping Centre and/or its technical partner will perform the necessary checks and authentications when registering the Gift Card in Google Pay. The Terms and Conditions of Use of the Gift Card are applicable.

7.2 Neither the Shopping Centre or its technical partner can be held liable for the use of the Google Pay service and/or any other computer/software equipment provided by Google, particularly in terms of their performance or their security.

7.3 The User must not allow the use of their Gift Card and/or Service by any third party. The User is deemed to be liable and remains solely liable for the use that may be made of the Service and/or the Gift Card by a third party who has accessed the Service by their action and assumes all the risks relating to its use, particularly the transactions made, without the Shopping Centre or its technical partner and/or Google’s liability being incurred within this framework.

Article 8 – Miscellaneous

8.1 All Intellectual Property Rights belonging to the Shopping Centre or its technical partner and/or Google shall remain vested in that respective Party. No Intellectual Property Rights shall be transferred nor licensed.

8.2 These GT&Cs shall be governed by the laws of Belgium. Any disputes arising from the GT&Cs shall be resolved by arbitration via the Belgium Arbitration and Mediation Center (CEPANI). 

8.3 The full list of Google trademarks can be found on .  

[1] PAN means Primary Account Number